EF ya


With my recent obsession with the Japanese American low rider scene I almost forgot about all the awesome native builds in Japan.

Chances are pretty good I may have posted this EF sedan sometime before but even if I did it’s not like it isn’t worth seeing again.

Locally these cars usually have hazy bondo filled rear quarters so the condition of this alone is mind blowing. Never mind the stance.

Draggin' mud flap all day
If I recall correctly there was a set of these for sale locally in the winter, wonder where they ended up
Small detail but I have always liked when people gracefully bend their plates to match the bumper instead of moving them or leaving them straight

This car popped up on my radar(somewhat recently) thanks to JDM euro.


  1. thats ef’n clean as fuck hahaha the wheels r some hot fire aswell hahaha pretty much win all the way around and u would think that bending ur license plate would get u pulled over ahahah its not really visible but it is pretty radical. i couldnt do it but im kindof a cop magnet hahaha

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