Every lowered car owners worst nightmare


I have been stuck on a few roads where the grades have suddenly changed (this morning for example) and have had to drive very slowly to avoid scraping but I have no clue what I would do in a situation like this, every choice involves some sort of damage.

What would you have done?

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  1. This happened to me years ago back when I had my 325 on coilovers. I was in Guelph stuck in one lane construction traffic when all of a sudden I saw the drop. It was only about 4-5″ but when I was lowered down to the last thread on the coilovers it was like coming to the edge of a cliff and realizing you can’t stop and you’re going over. Naturally my brain told me your car is more impotant than anything else and I was thinking of shutting off the car, taking out the Jack and coil wrenches and start lifting it. Sadly people were honking already just because I stopped for 3 seconds to assess the situation so I had no choice. Never a worse feeling than when you scrape the ENTIRE bottom of your car fromthe front lip all the way to the muffler tips.

    It was because of that incidet that my next car remained at stock height. Now I’m at a loss cause I think the new ride is getting dropped but I’m not looking forward to the scrapes!

  2. I woulda done the same thing….oh wait i have. if you drive your car that low then you have to expect shit like that to happen. I drive my car low everywhere i go but i know the consequensis(sp?) of doing so.

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