Theme Tuesdays: Bare Metal


Recently a couple s-10 owning friends of mine stripped their trucks down to bare metal and seeing them both paint and rust less (at least for the time being) triggered this weeks Theme Tuesday.

Interestingly enough it was common to come across posts that read ‘this car was later painted’ due to how hard it is to keep a bare metal car looking pristine no matter what you coat it with.

Hot Rods

Didn’t really need much of an excuse to post this car again
The Booch from Oddball customs
This is now painted
This is pretty well perfect

Rods and Customs

Fleetline that’s in exceptional shape
This car can be seen in it’s original patina here
This would make a great wall paper if I could have found it in higher res
One of the first hits on Google
Interesting effect on this one
Awesome Zephyr
The pin striping really sets it off
Carry over from the lead sled Theme Tuesday
This one was built for James Hetfield by Blue Collar Customs


One of the two trucks that triggered this post
I remember seeing this truck for the first time when I had mine, tempted me briefly but my truck was too rotten to do this
I feel as though I have posted this Suburban before…
49 Chevy with a Caddy bumper and Buick headlights spotted on the H.A..M.B
This beautiful truck was also picked up on the H.A.M.B.


Fairly certain if you did this to a Golf that spent it’s time in Toronto all you would be met with is holes
Great shot by the people over at Fuel magazine
On the topic of Raw Beetles here is a local one
Great looking Type 2
And finally….

Maybe bare metal and left to rust in the near future.


  1. Here in NS, I can’t even leave a sheet of steel in my garage without coating it. Within a few days it’s coated in a layer of rust. But I still run bare aluminum on my wheels. Not nearly as bad as steel to keep up.

  2. ally is ok as long as its wiped in wd40 (what would we do with out it!) i adore that willys id love a willys pickup

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