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Given their small size and unique look Mini’s have always been one of those vehicles that don’t need a whole lot of modifications to stand out.

A set of wheels, a bit (or a lot) of low, and keeping the shiny side shiny is more often than not all that needs to be done.

Justin, a member of the Grocery Getter Crew out in New York, knows this and has so far stuck to the K.I.S.S. rule when it comes to modifying his 2003.

On the outside he’s added first generation projectors and an John Cooper Works Grill which being such subtle modifications give the 16×8 +26 Stance Encore wheels the opportunity to steal the show.

The unique design of these wheels pairs well with the Mini especially when a set off by  a drop provided by BC coil-overs  with custom rated springs.

A rebuilt Mini Cooper S super charger and Madness cold air intake round out the modifications so far but Justin has already let me know that he’s got a bit more planned for this car next year.

Hopefully once it’s done he can kick a few more photos on by, thanks the the submission Justin!

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