Event Coverage: Sema 2012 – Part 3.


Now that I’m back home I can really tackle organizing and editing the coverage from SEMA 2012. Thus far most of the coverage  has been outside the Las Vegas Convention Center so today I will start right in on coverage from the wheels & tires hall and a little bit from the central hall.

A lot of SEMA coverage has hit the net thus far so chances are pretty good you have seen a couple of these cars already, but with SEMA being such a large show there’s probably at  least one or two builds in here you have yet to see.

That is my hope anyway…

Enkei brought out this absolutely immaculate TE27 Levin
It had CF mini flares and is sitting on their Compe 8 wheels
I probably won’t see one of these again for a long while…
The wheel in front of this Porsche is almost completely carbon  and weighs 15lbs which for a 19″ wheel is insane, however they are 15k a set
Dig the new Viper redesign, captures everything I liked about the original GTS
Bagged, wrapped, and supercharged Camaro
Didn’t expect to see an early s10 at SEMA
Unique bed setup
This m3 is 2″ wider than factory but still retains the beautiful lines of the original widebody
What it doesn’t retain however is the factory s14
It’s owner Kevin Byrd (host of Two Guys Garage) is obviously no purist
BC Racing had this Cruze in their display sitting on their Forged wheels
They also had this track ready RX-8 also on their wheels
Hankook was lucky enough to have this Audi R8 LMS GT3 in their booth
Beautiful machine
Not far from the R8 was this S4 in the Achillles tire booth
Very nice A7
If I am not mistaken this Subaru was recently on the cover of Performance Auto and Sound
Part of me wants to try a set of OHLINs coils one day to see how the feel… the other part of me knows that is a bad idea as they are quite expensive and overkill for my needs
Mazdatrix RX-8
This b16(?) h23 swapped Odyssey was almost hidden in the back of the Wheel & Tire building
Nice semi tucked bay
Dropped on Air Runner suspension
Forgestar wheels were on everything this year
Prior Designs wide body SL
Bisimoto pumped out another Porsche build
Not sure whether or not I preffer this colour to his signature blue but I love the turbo


Love how this set-up is just out there in your face
It’s the complete opposite of this Underground racing set-up on this R8 which is usually hidden from view
From what I overheard this is good for about 1200hp


Like 2010 the Giovanna booth was full of vehicles I’ll realistically never be able to afford but are cool to look at.  It also looks like they have started to design more understated wheels instead of over the top ‘bling’ models.

Pretty clean, love the paint colour
Giovanna / Misha Designs Panamera
FF grills kind of look like the Cheshire Cat…


In 2011 Rotiform had a stellar year at SEMA with their wheels being showcased on a number of projects and it looks like they were able to ride that wave of  popularity all the way to 2012.

You will see a lot of cars on ‘Rotis’ in the coverage to come but here are their own projects for 2012.

Prior to SEMA 2012 I wasn’t really on board with these cars but I see lots of potential in the platform now
B5  RS4 on upsized RS wheels
This Pumpkin coloured B7 RS4 was on their new DIA wheels


Accuair was one of several air ride companies at SEMA showing off their latest and greatest products for vehicles new and old. Their application for smart phones is pretty slick and their booth was busy throughout the duration of the show.

This LS3 powered 1970 Brookwood known as ‘Black Betty’ was stunning
As was this B6
Look at the hatch set-up…


The second of two Air Ride companies booths that will get some love today is AirRex. With manufacturing in Taiwan and a customer service base in Hawaii AirRex has been making moves this year and had their product on a number of vehicles at SEMA.

One being the Genesis that was posted in part one and two more examples below.

A quick glance at some of the AirRex product line
One of two red MB’s on Works and AirRex at SEMA 2012
On the other side of their booth was this FR-S

Falken Tires

Too many the big draw to the Falken booth was the Fatlace/Bensopra Skyline but the IND M5 and dually were also pretty awesome.

Falken/IND M5
Justin Pawlak’s Formula Drift Mustang on display
I really should have taken more photos of this truck…
I’m sure by now all of you have seen this offering from FatLace
It was cool to see this car in person though I’m not sure about the livery
No denying it was aggressive though

Toyo Tires

I’m sure Toyo had more cars in thier booth but this is the one that caught my eye…

I’m sure more than a few Lamborghini enthusiasts are upset over this
This car was usally completely surrounded so I had to fire off these shots quick

If you are wondering where most of the FR-S/BRZ/86 pictures are I’ll give you one guess as to tomorrows Theme Tuesday


  1. Nice coverage as usual.

    The motor in the Odyssey is most likely a H22 swap (or japan only F20B). the easiest way to tell is that valve cover is higher in the back, B series valve covers are more flat.

  2. Thanks for the link to the build thread. Didn’t even recognize it with the new wheels. lot of cool and custom stuff on it, although i think i preferred the look with the MRR wheels.

  3. i will have a te27 one day (it shall be mine oh yes…)
    i adore that pole star volvo proper real world tuning!

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