Event Coverage: SEMA 2012 Roll Out


Looking back it’s a little strange that one of the events I was looking forward to most at SEMA 2012 was the roll-out at the end.

They were pushing it pretty hard in the media centre and my imagination conjured up visions of an epic parade full of awesome cars dragging, drifting, and generally acting a fool on the streets of Las Vegas.

Of course the reality was far from the rubber burning mayhem I had imagined due to a strict set of rules that prohibited burnouts, engine revving, and travelling at more than eight miles per hour.

Pretty tame for what is essentially a gathering of some of the best cars in the world but even with Jonny Law watching there was something cool about seeing these cars drive together on the streets of Nevada even if it was only to a trailer a few kilometers miles down the road.

On my first pass through these photos I deemed a lot of them unusable due to the sun but I ended up editing them a littler different than I usually do and a couple are my favourite shots from the trip.

Stacy Tucker’s Camaro leading some of the Ultimate Street Car Invitational pack
The Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational is over now and this truck ended up in 23rd which considering it’s size and competition isn’t all that bad
This truck sounds simply incredible
Bret Voelkel’s 33 Ford coupe looks and sounds like a complete beast
How I managed to miss this inside the show I’m not sure…
The Galpin Gasser III, from what I’ve read over on hotrod.com the owner drives this quite a bit
69 Gasser
It’s a lifestyle…
This car’s been popping up quite a bit online after SEMA, and well deserved it’s a great looking build
SSR equipped S2000 that I think would look great with a hard top
Not sure why this car was aired up to stock Civic heigh to ride out. Looks so good sitting too…
Speaking of riding high…
Love this so unique
Chris from Sunworks Bluebird on Enkei Apache II’s
Beautiful timeless build
Speaking of timeless this Beetle is pretty spot on too
Juanky Built Dodge wasn’t far behind the Beetle
If there is one thing I regret it’s not getting a shot of the interior of this truck, it was crazy
Chevy ridin’ Cali on out, those big wheels looked great spinning tucked
Got two shots of the beautiful Beckett Automotive 67 cruising by
Such a mint looking truck
The owner of this El Camino paid the least attention to the rules, he dragged pretty much all the way down the street then did some burnouts coming back
The dually from the Falken Tire booth, this shot makes it look massive
This truck rolled this ride height the entire time I saw it
Leaving it’s mark all the while
The Kaiser dragged a bit leaving out too
Close it out with the Severed Ties Dually

99% done the SEMA coverage now…


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