Exhuming Bodies


About a year ago a post title with a Dexter influenced title ‘Body Dump‘ showcased a hot rod flatz black, bodied, 400hp, s10 I spotted on s10 forum.

Last week the owner Erik came across the post, and emailed asking if I would be interested in running a quick update on the truck.

Noting a recent decline in the truck content on the site (SEMA excluded) I gladly accepted the pictures he sent on by.

The wheels, paint, motor, and hood set-up remain similar to before but the suicide doors,and rag top, are a new additions
The factory tailgate skin has also been replaced since the last post
Rounding out the larger changes is this very cool one off sheet metal dash built by friend of Erik’s
Erik also sent through some photos of his girlfriend Sairene modelling with the truck
Which I am sure none of you mind being posted

Finally here’s a quick walk around video, truck sounds awesome in my opinion.

Thanks for sending some updated shots by Erik! If you have some dragging footage I’m sure I am not the only one who would love to see it.


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