I Own the Purple Pontiac


In November a gentleman named Rob sent me an email asking if I had any more photos of his beloved Purple Pontiac known as the Tomahawk, and without hesitation I replied ‘yes’.

I’ve been a big fan of the car since my first encounter with it at Performance World in 2011 and when I saw it again at the  at the Fleetwood Country Cruize In free of stanchions I made sure to take several photos.

Over the Christmas break I rummaged through my portable hard drive for those original photos and gave them a re-edit.

These photos were taken prior to my switch to raw format so there was only so much I could do, but they are a big improvement over the first time they were posted.

The body on Rob’s car has been channelled 2″ and 2″ drop spindles along with air have been used to set it in the weeds
The roof’s been chopped 4.25″ and retains all the factory glass
It’s got a dash from a ’59 Chevy and the steering wheel from a ’62 Olds
An Acura lost it’s seats for the cause and the center console is custom
The exhaust, which exits through the bumper, is built around Magnaflow mufflers
There’s a 454 under the hood for those wondering
As you can see the paint hue varies with the light it’s under



Rob isn’t all that far away so hopefully this summer I can go check out the car outside of a show environment and get some photos that really capture it.

I would love a rolling shot or two of it…


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