It’s not a #!%&’n Photoshop!


I posted a before and after comparison of this Icelandic 924 turbo on the Fan Page and a few people (somewhat predictably) declared it a Photoshop.

About an hour later I followed up with another photo and still people questioned whether or not the car was real or a manipulation of pixels.

The owner Fannar Þór decided enough was enough and sent in some recent photos proving once and for all that this car is real, and spectacular.

The only Photoshop work here was making two photos into one
I love this shot with all the spare and miscellaneous parts that may have had a part in this cars rebirth
Colour matched Futura’s look great on this car
Generous camber allows for a fair amount of tuck
Quite the epic save with this car from beginning to now

Photo credit goes to Fannar who’s just as handy with a camera as he is a wrench.

More info can also be found in his latest thread on Stance | Works.


  1. 924’s are near worthless cars…with that said, people should start having at ’em and making them into the cool cars they never were

    nice build

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