Import Bible Series Six


Before Christmas David at Import Bible sent me one of the ‘Hats Off‘ shirts from series six of his Import Bible clothing line.

His sixth line of shirts maintains the same level of quality of his previous offerings (great), and I’m a big fan of this design in particular.

There are not a lot of car shirts I wear outside of industry events but this one has found itself in my regular rotation. It’s netted a handful of positive remarks so far from car people and non alike, and even a few of the graphic designers at work (who are vehemently opposed to fossil fuel vehicles) have complemented the design and typography.

Great classy hommage to the 240z / Fair Lady
The car has just the right amount of detail and the choice of fonts works well
The “Z” design on the back is a nice touch that mimics the wording on the front
Since I'm not about to model it for you
Here is how it looks on someone more attractive than myself
David also sent by some of his latest stickers, both printed on very high quality semi matte vinyl

I also thought I would include a few shots of the shirt he sent in 2011 (from series five) to show how it is holding up. All too often shirts fade, shrink, or fall apart before their time but this one is holding fast.

I have even recently started riding (and falling) in it to no issue.

As you can see there’s no cracking, peeling, or fading of the print
The shirt color itself has also not faded to any significant degree.

If you are looking for some new threads for the upcoming season check Import Bible out.

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