WTF Friday: First Rule Of Broken Wheel Club…


Remember the ‘COR Fiasco’ involving Jalopnik, COR Forged, and a Mustang owner? I posted about it in October of 2012 and mentioned that with lawyers involved “this situation will probably get worse before it gets better”.

Well as it turns out I was right and things did get worse because yesterday I was forwarded an email from my host that originating from COR’s legal department asking me to pull the photos and the article.

The email reads as follows:

I am writing to inform you that a website hosted on your server is sharing libel information and defamatory images towards our brand (COR Wheels). We are in process of reviewing the indecent and considering taking legal action and decided to notify you prior to going that route in hopes for a quick and ethical resolve.


Of all the 175 WTF Friday posts I’ve made I’m honestly shocked that the one in question is causing such a stir. It was fairly neutral in tone, and actually addressed the fact that other wheel manufacturers currently have similar policies (to COR’s). It also mentions the fact that the way they approached the warranty claim isn’t a situation unique to the automotive industry, companies deny claims all the time for similar reasons.

I even mentioned that it would be a shame to see COR go out of business over something that caught fire on Jalopnik, which would certainly not be the concern of someone out to defame their brand.

It appears that the people at COR didn’t actually read what I wrote and are instead trying to erase the entire event from the internet entirely using scare tactics. Whomever is running the PR department at COR please give your head a shake.

Enthusiasts are not the enemy we are your target market and you are making it very difficult for us to give you a second chance.

After reading the email I consulted with a few friends versed in Internet law who assured me that I am currently in the clear of any wrong doing.

As of right now I have no intentions of taking the photos down and have sent a calm response to COR Wheels. Hopefully we can come to an amicable resolution, and of course I will keep you all in the loop.

All that being said if that post (and this one) ever do get deleted it’s not because I didn’t try, it’s because I’m not about to permanently risk what I’ve built here over a situation that doesn’t really involve me.

Wish me luck!

COR Forged has since contacted me and at this point it is all water under the bridge and we are putting together the details for an exclusive interview with the CEO of COR and myself. Stay tuned!

Site Updates

Getting legal papers thrown at me aside I am currently working with my host to move the site to a package that will have it performing faster. Hopefully I won’t have to post about when the switch has been done as it will be so lightning fast you guys will notice.

Until then sorry about the slow responsiveness at times, especially when posting comments.

Flashback Friday

Going back to this Theme Tuesday seems fitting, when in doubt BBS!

Should do a follow up to this one….


  1. Dear COR: Don’t screw this opportunity up! Take the high road and walk away while you still have a tiny shred of enthusiast respect (maybe not even… but still). You just look like rampaging buffoons who think they can control the internet. Try and turn this situation into a positive and GTFO.

  2. I think you were very fair with your article and did a good job of not dissing the company. They’re taking the wrong route to clear up their name (IMO). Don’t hide the past, just move forward and make it right.

    On the other hand, it is far too easy for an individual to post unfair or inaccurate stories online. Today I found an online review of the company I work at. The review was very negative even going so far as to mention an employee’s name. I talked to her about it and found out that this customer was a very uncooperative, unreasonable and demanding individual and the story in his review was missing key facts.

    This whole episode wouldn’t stop me from buying COR wheels if I were in the market. (Maybe if it escalates further…) And I had never heard of the company before your first article. You should present that angle to them and try to develop a relationship where you might be able to access their product for a review giving them even more exposure. Lemonade from lemons…

  3. Dave, I wouldn’t back down. It seems to me that COR has already suffered the fallout from this episode (otherwise why bother?), and I doubt that removing your story would correct or reverse that. You could offer them the possibility of publishing a retraction if you can come to an amicable solution, but the story should stay.

  4. COR has since pulled back on the lawyers and approached the situation from a different angle.

    Should all go to plan I’ll have an opportunity to have a Q&A with their CEO about the company and the issue.

    They are also adjusting the tone in which they handle the situation on other sites.

    Sounds like a win all around, thanks for the support guys!

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