Theme Tuesdays: On The Bumper


The way I see it there are two ways to put a car up on it’s bumper. A talented person with a switch box manipulating the flow of hydraulic fluid, or raw stump pulling power.

In my opinion both are awesome and as such both are showcased in today’s post, enjoy.


Start things up with some local ridiculousness
I’ve actually never seen a truck hopper in person, probably gets pretty wild


Not a single care was given this day
It’s a damn shame that this appears to be a screen cap
Jeff from Switches N Thangs keepin’ it 100

Quarter Miler Terrors

This might actually not be on bumper but I’ve never seen a Bronco up that high without use of a ramp


That’s a heck of a lot of Wagon to put back on the bumper…
…and that is a whole lot of turbo (take a leap of faith that the bumper hit)
No leap of faith required here
It’s awesome that a car that can do this can be plated in California where I hear the ministry laws are pretty stern


Wheelie bars are evidently for the faint of heart
I assume at this point you just pray you come down somewhere in the direction of where you took off
Kind of like this…


12 O’clock wheelie with a car..

If you liked this one be sure to check out a very similar Theme Tuesday I did on wheelstands.


  1. In California, they pretty much don’t care what you do to a car that is pre 1975. Noise pollution laws come in play. But you can do any motor swap, suspension mods, etc, and cali doesn’t care, if it is pre 1975.

    I had a neighbor growing up that had an mid 1950’s chevy nomad. He modified it to do a wheelie for the full quarter mile. Big block v8 in the back, empty engine bay, hole in the floor so he can see. He used two brakes to steer while on two wheels. One for each rear wheel. I’ll try to see if I can find it, if I do I’ll send you pics.

    The driver/owner’s name was George Tuers. He eventually sold it to the owner of Oakley.

    This is a shot of it shooting flames in “50 years of hotrod” He had separate injectors attached to the exhaust (one exhaust tube per cylinder) that shot those flames out.

    This car, at its best, ran 10-11s in the quarter. 120-130+. I think he eventually got it into the 9s before he sold it.

    He was the driver of that backwards ford econoline wheelstander from the 60s and 70s. Here’s a link to that…

    It’d be cool if you could do a feature on this. It was a gnarly build by a gnarly driver. He weighed 300+.

    • GCV that Nomad sounds 100% ridiculous. I am going to see if I can find more info on it myself as well. Do let me know if you find more info on it.

      I’ve seen the Econoline before, pretty much brained my damage.

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