WTF Friday: Big Block, Little Car


In the 70s Street Machine Theme Tuesday I mentioned that the Street Machine look was pretty versatile, and could be applied to basically every kind of car imaginable.

Case in point the 75 Honda Z600 found in today’s post.

This car doesn’t just look the part however, thanks to an unknown resourceful mechanic who stuffed a Chevy 427 under the hood it can run with the best of them as well…provided it doesn’t flip over.

I’m going to bet that wheelie bar saw a decent amounts of use
I would be very interested to see the interior of this car because I am sue the motor takes up quite a bit of real estate


That rake! The body work does appear to be quite well done

Really wish I had more info build but sadly the four photos above seem to be all the internet is willing to give up.

If you know more about it (or a similar car) feel free to share in the comments.


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  1. I believe this car was built by an Alan Palansky (sp?). I had the pleasure of seeing this thing in 1981 at the Car Craft Nationals in Indy. I’m glad the Street Freaks of my era are getting recognition!

  2. I used to work with Al’s brother in the late 70’s

    This car is still around here in north west in.

    It can be seen at some of the local car shows in the summer.

    I saw this car run an 11:74 quarter mile and he let off
    towards the end because it was getting loose.


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