WTF Friday: Worlds Collide


Because of their relatively low price point and ease to work on, people do a whole lot of things (both good and bad) with the Chevrolet S-10.

While I’ve posted countless great examples on the site through event coverage and internet finds, I’ve probably posted a good half dozen or more questionable ones here in WTF Friday category.

Today’s S-10, which is the unlikely union of Ford body and Chevy truck, clocks in closer to bad then it does good.


The jarring creation you see above is a slightly lowered first gen s-10 that’s had the native Chevy sheet metal replaced with that of a 54 Ford pick-up.


As you might expect the Ford body panels didn’t willingly fall onto the s-10 chassis so the owner/builder had to narrow the hood and grill 6″.

In order to mostly see out the wind shield he also had to pancake the hood 4″ and to make the fenders meet the cab he had to extend them two inches.

The size of the 54 front end combined with the extension of the fenders are probably what contribute most to the cars overpowering front end.


Out back parts of the ’54 Ford bed have mated with a stock s-10 bed which, despite not matching the cab in the least, doesn’t actually look all that bad.

The entire thing was then sprayed Hot Rod Flatz Midnight Blue, christened the F-10, and thrown on eBay for $8,500.



One can only imagine the reactions this truck gets anywhere it goes. I’m really curious what both Chevy and Ford owners throwing their arms up in disbelief at the same time sounds like.

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  1. Front end reminds me of a rabbit or a bucked tooth kid–looks like he put alot of work into it but I would have to say it ended in a failed attempt. Wonder if it ever sold?

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