The Most Interesting Car At The 2014 Tokyo Auto Salon


When TAS2014 coverage started to hit the web one car immediately stood out among the over fenders, race inspired livery, FT86/BRZ/FR-S, outrageous exotics, and over the top VIP cars.

This awesome hot rod influenced Mazda Miata.



Styled unlike any Miata I’ve every seen I not so patiently  waited for more photos of the car to surface after the initial Instagram post by Ryo of USDMFREAX.

At first photos of the car came quite slowly  –as did information– but now that the show is well in the books a bit more information has become available.



As it turns out the car was built by engineering students at the WIZ International Institute of Technology. Not sure exactly what the assignment was but they saw fit to cut off everything forward of the firewall and replace it with a frame of their own design.

The suspension, dampers, grill, and such are all custom units while the motor is (so far as I can tell) mostly stock save for the individual throttle bodies and one off  header.



While there are a few things on the car I would change myself (the wheels being one, I like Seeker  DX wheels but not here) I admire the cars ability to stand out among a very competitive field.




The video below documents a little bit of the build and while I don’t understand single word said there does appear that they have built a VW Beetle. I’ll have to look out for that…

As always I am welcome to more info should anyone have some.

Photo Credit: SpeedHunters, The Chronicles,, 7tune

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