WTF Friday: The Sound of 1000 Purists Screaming


If you listen very carefully you can just about make out the sound of thousands of purists screaming over the image of a classic Mustang turned into a proper mud runner.

Yes, the clapped out classic on a truck frame isn’t exactly a new concept (heck I’ve posted a bunch previously), but something about this one being properly thrashed –on numerous occasions– screamed out “Post me”.

Presumably this car was in rough shape prior to this conversion but part of me wonders if it wasn’t and the owner did it anyway….





Sadly I’ve got no real info on the truck/car/whatever but I can say that it was present at both the 2013 Vermonster 4×4 Snow Bog February of 2013 and the The Barnyard All Terrain Mud Bash in October.

It looks to be built to take a beating so it’s probably still around which means I have to ask…. build thread anyone?


  1. I now know what I’m doing with my ’70 Impala with Hydraulics when I loose another cylinder in our lovely Cleveland pot holes………..4X4…….I’m totally in love with this mustang!

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