Theme Tuesdays: Hot Rods With Modern Wheels


Wheels can make or break a car, and in many cases people are very, very particular about what wheels they expect to see, or will put, on a hot rod.

On the flip side there are those that don’t follow convention and are willing to bolt whatever they want to whatever they’ve built. Today’s Theme Tuesday is all about that.

Hate it or love it you can’t ever stop someone from doing exactly what they want to their car.

One thing I noticed instantly while pulling this one together is that a lot of people using modern wheels are doing it around Factory Five Racing 33 kits
I’ve actually seen this one in person, it’s on Foreglines I believe and sounds nasty as all hell
More Foregline’s on another Five
Wires are not exactly modern but when they are this big I will lump them in with modern…
Another absolutely stunning example of big wires
Couldn’t get through this post without one set of Billets so I chose to post them on this Zipper modified Roaster project which has a unique rear end on it with a quick change and inboard brakes
Double staggered HREs on this one
Another set of HRE wheels on a Factory Five
This kind of looks like a pro touring hot rod.. I could do without the wing but I’m not mad at the rest
I would love this more if it were on real LMs but I doubt whoever is building this cares much about what I think
Mike Burroughs kind of flipped things a little with this build, modern wheels but built up in a way that is reminiscent of older wires
I’ve been a fan of this K3 Projekt build for awhile now and while I like the red centers and modern whites
I think I like the rawness of this look much more
The watermark on this photo is so accurate.
The watermark on this photo is so accurate.


  1. I glad the trend for large diameter billit’s has almost died out because it ruins most hot rods especially rats. Its like when they have ifs .but I can tolerate new wheels on the f5 rods because there more performance orintated the wires were pretty cool in this post as well because there not done size. And I’ve always loved that beemer pickup.
    That’s why the traditional rod trendis good because they have gone to lower diameter wheels and high profile tyres. But that’s even getting a bit boring so it’s good to see people mix it up.
    That’s just my 2 cents worth.

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