WTF Friday: The Elephant Has Re-Entered The Room


In the last eight or so hours one car, and one car only, has essentially dominated my various social media feeds, a car which in every single iteration has turned heads and caused considerable internet uproar.

That car is of course the infamous Kawashima Celica.

First earning notoriety as an unusual drift vehicle back in 2010 the car has continued to change drastically year after year.


When slid the Celica raised eyebrows not only because of it’s FF configuration but also because of the owners interesting methods for achieving the now signature negative camber.


However what really got the peanut galleries (self included) going  was the revision preceding the current, with insane stretch and exposed barrels.


At that point  it was extremely difficult (arguably impossible) to see where the owner was going, and hard to not just assume it was just another person seeking internet notoriety.

Shortly after that particular bout with the internet the car quietly disappeared, that is until a few weeks ago when grainy progress shots started to hit the internet and discussion was restored a new.

In short order people began to wonder exactly what the owner had in mind, and whether or not this iteration would be finished or just remain a talking piece like years previous.

Yesterday, Nori Yaro –who seems to media source closest to the car– released photos of the finished product and true to form it was shocking.

While Perhaps the most sedate angle of the car but it shows you just how much wider it is now
The front fenders have been designed to just reach lock, though there is still some rubbing issues
The rears (which based on progress photos I didn’t expect to turn out so good) do their best to try and contain the 12″ wide wheels
Of course no matter how you slice it (literally) 12″ wheels are still a handful to fit on a Celica

And yet as visually jarring as it is I personally find this to be the best iteration so far because it is the most finished and most polished.

At every other point the car looked like a collection of half thought, half started, ideas but now as outlandish as it may be, the owners vision has finally bubbled to the surface.


Sure the look is not for everyone but really this car has never been for everyone. It’s been exactly what the owner wanted it to be every step of the way.

The question myself and countless others are now asking is what can possibly be next?


  1. OK, the current wide body looks to be done well atleast, and could look good with a colour change and a nice flush set up with big rubber for the track.

    • I’m actually a fan of the new color. Unique like the rest of the build. I do however agree that I would like to see it on a different wheel/tire combo.

  2. Hey , this car is most extreme to date in my opinion ! and to see it drifting would be nice.

    your blog is great man been following for some time and would like to give a huge thanks for all the posts !

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