Nukung Real Low


Yesterday morning, awake with my son sometime between the hours of five and six, I saw a photo of a really unique Corolla on instagram and attempted to make a mental note to post it a few hours later.

About twelve hours later I realized that 5 am mental notes should really be physical notes because I had a heck of a time trying to remember what vehicle it was I wanted to post and where the heck I saw it.

Eventually my brain connected the dots and I remembered it was a Corolla that is a huge (and welcome) departure from the beige banged up image that normally comes to mind when this chassis is mentioned.


This Corolla, which belongs to Nukang, has undergone quite a few revisions with the green on green being the most recent.

I’ve included most of the versions below, and personally the green on charcoal with copious dish is my favourite. But they are all good.

nukang_real_low_1 nukang_real_low_2 nukung_real_low_3 nukung_real_low_4 nukung_real_low_5 nukung_real_low_8

I think he’s associated with what I believe to be a Thailand based magazine Sticky Ride so give them some love too.


  1. If there ever was proof that you can make any chassis look good, this is it.
    And I agree they’re all good incarnations, the green on green has a kind of RWB vibe going, dig that

  2. It is rare and I mean super rare that I see a Corolla that I like and this one has been added to that tiny list. I don’t know if the Corolla is under rated because you really have to do something custom to it to make it look really good. On that line, this car reminds me of this car from way back in 2001. Even though that build is dated by today’s standards, I get the same determined vibe from the owner.

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