Theme Tuesdays: Drift Trucks


I like trucks, and I like drifting so really this week’s Theme Tuesday should have happened ages ago, and be well into multiple innings at this point.

Other than the fact that far too many pick ups shipped with automatic transmissions and power to all four wheels, trucks seem like a pretty decent option for drifting that few people seem to try out.

Must have something to do with the fact that most have less than desirable rear suspension set-ups and lack of dedicated after market but that’s what a little ingenuity is for.

Not exactly one of the trucks I expected to see pulling this post together
For whatever reason Rangers as track vehicles seem to be somewhat common
This Ranger is/was actually local if I recall correctly
It’s kind of a truck..
I believe this is a Datsun.. but I could be wrong
Like most other things Japan has been into drifting trucks for awhile


Two trucks in a tandem with an S chassis trailing? Amazing.


I couldn’t NOT include this. I believe it is from SEMA a few years ago


I've got to make it out to a DMCC event so I can see this in action
I’ve got to make it out to a DMCC event so I can see this in action
I’ve heard Riley might be driving something else this year which makes me a little sad


Not the first time I’ve posted this Datsun, probably won’t be the last




Seems like is dead
drift_truck_7 too


Was this just another excuse to post Nigel's truck? Maybe.
Was this just another excuse to post Nigel’s truck? Maybe.


  1. drift trucks are awesome and i hope nobody sees there potential mainly so they dont get blown out in price ever tried to get a 240 nowa days its like 1000 for a shell with heaps of rust bullish if u ask me but good theme tuesday keep it up next theme should be drift cars for under 2000 bucks haha

    • @Joe Martin yeah those are not actually trucks so I left them out intentionally. I do like em though.

      @haha Not sure where you are from but here sub 2k drift cars generally shake themselves apart after one season lol

  2. I’m a tiny bit surprised there are no 240sx/180sx “trucks” in here, but I can understand it seeing as how there are numerous examples of actual drifting trucks already here. That last shot is epic btw; makes me want a truck and I’ve never even owned one.

  3. thats fine if it shakes its self apart that just gives you something to do in the winter. drift cars r suppose to be cheap heaps of scrap ratrod style not million dollar show cars or daily drivers. leave that to the pros who have the money for 20000$ rebuilds or the rich kids and im in ohio im alittle closer to rust free cars than u r i guess. hahaha i just like to see things that seem acheivable with a little budget lets raise the budget to 4k that should be easier

    • Yeah a little closer to rust free but not quite. I know a lot of people who work hard within a budget so maybe I can get their cars up here. In fact I have yet to feature any sort of grass roots drift car and that’s a problem!

  4. I’m suprised no one has has tried to do something wild like put a s13 front clip on a D21 or a supra clip on a Tacoma.

  5. just kidding its a chevy luv they look almost identical to hiluxes except for the vent things behind the doors haha

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