Theme Tuesdays: DC Chassis Integras – Pt. 2


While looking for a new car it occurred to me that nothing in Honda/Acura’s current  (or even past 5 year line-up) really falls under what I am looking for. I can’t recall the last generation of Civic hatch I actually liked and I’m not even really sure what they would consider as the current replacement for the Integra.

This is a start contrast from when I was in high school and Honda had a fairly respectable and well rounded line up. Then a used DA a reasonably affordable option, but if you rolled up in a DC you were damn near some kind of superstar*

DC’s, done tastefully, really stand up to the test of time so a follow up to the 2010 Theme Tuesday on the chassis was well warranted.

Such a shame ‘Honda rust’ was such a prevalent problem and took a lot of these off the road.

In highschool this was pretty much the look, dropped polished blades and if you had the budget Type R seats
I think this car got sold/parted but I always liked it for being really clean and understate other than the loud paint
Nice to see a 4 door gettin down, don’t see them nearly as much
I used to be dead set on my opinion that the JDM front end was best…
…but these days I like both interchangeably
Sprint Harts are such a classic wheel
Remember when it was the rage to put Type R stickers on everything?


Love this, perfect function/form split
Had to sneak a few function over form builds in like this supercharged K powered monster
And of course one of my favourite cars to shoot, James Houghton’s Type R

‘Hey Mikey”s freshly rebuilt DC was a smash at Wekfest this year


..and for good reason, quite the transformation and attention to detail
End things with what is hands down my favourite DC out of Japan. Love the radiused fenders and fitment

*I could be exaggerating my memories of high school seem to be waning.


  1. jdm front end is the best 4 doors are sick and hell yeah k swap with itbs but yeah honda dropped the ball the last 10 years and the rsx is the the successor to the integra i really dont see it but thats what it is. hahaha

  2. Yeah I remember when blades on a DC were a cool look haha. Like the clean look with custom paint, either bug eye or jdm front. The radiused fenders on the one from Japan looks so damn right.

    I’m sure you know the Rywire K ITR as well, anxious to see it when it gets finished, so much cool fabwork on that one.

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