Theme Tuesdays: Volkswagen Caddys


Eurokracy must have had a lasting impression on me because when it came to this week’s Theme Tuesday first generation Volkswagen Caddys came to mind and simply wouldn’t leave.

Clean first generation examples are a bit of a rare sight (at least here in Toronto) so whenever I see a nice one I can’t help but stare like a slack jawed yokel.

I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that many of you are the same way.

This is really the entire inspiration behind today’s Theme Tuesday
I have not seen this car in awhile, I wonder if it’s still around…
I think this is from Vagkraft 2011 or so…
Another local spotted at Euronited 2012

Rounding out the local contigent is this one I spotted at the CSCS finale last year, spotless
Seeing double at H20 2013
Love the vintage graphics on this, so fitting
More vintage paintwork, perfect fitment too
Fighter graphics continue making their rounds
Gorgeous paint, looks like a VR swap under the hood as well
This colour iis right up my alley as well
The Caddy is one of the few cars where I have absolutely no preference one way or another when it comes to headlights


It took me until last night to realize that this…
…and this are the same vehicle
Such a wild car with such a generic camper top and yet it somehow seems to work…
End things off with this K20 swapped, bagged Caddy… love this car and glad I got to see it in person



  1. im loving the k swapped caddy. i wonder if it would be possible to get a n22 in the states because thats where im guessing this buld comes from. i think keeping it diesel would have been sick cause the n22 is the honda turbol diesel engine from south africa i believe idk and it uses the same mounts and things cause its from a 2006 civic diesel i think it woud be sick. just my 2 cents.

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