WTF Friday: What is this? I don’t even?


It’s been awhile (a long while actually) since there’s been a WTF Friday ‘name that car’ challenge so when I recently stumbled upon these gems I knew the time was right.

The first person to correctly identify all of these artistic interpretations of standard auto mobiles will win a prize pack of items from The Stance Is Everything Store.

Best of luck, and remember you’ve got to be able to prove it!

This is perhaps the wildest of the bunch, it’s also the most recognizable
Someone couldn’t seriously be asking $1,8750 for this…could they?
I have a feeling this is a European market only car.
Not quite sure what’s going on with the panel gap(s) here
A face only a mother could love
Bonus if you can name where those tail lights came from

Please note if you don’t see your comment right away don’t panic!

It’s probably held up in moderation, they are all time stamped so the first person will win.

Site Updates

More car updates than anything else this week. My Dominant Engineering toe links arrived on Monday which will help me prolong the life of my yet to be purchased new tires, and I sent my Work Equip bolts to Stripping Technologies for ceramic clear coating this week.

They had a nasty habit of rusting in heavy rain and I’m not looking to deal with that again for another season.

Flashback Friday

Stretch & Poke! just announced the venue for their first meet of 2013. After three years they are moving on from the Downsview Park Venue.

I thought it would be cool to take it back to before the meet was even at Downsview.

Event Coverage: Stretch & Poke 2010 Part 1
Event Coverage Stretch & Poke 2010 Part 2

Things have come a long way!


  1. First is a pt cruiser
    second is a mazda 626
    third is a renault 25
    4th is a 1972 brubaker van
    5th is a fiat punto

    Wooo, hope i won.

  2. last one is no a fiat punto..!!!!! is a Renault gt5..!! i can prove it…
    so :
    First is a pt cruiser
    second is a mazda 626
    third is a renault 25
    4th is a 1972 brubaker van
    5th is a renault 5 gt

  3. -pt
    -someone had to much monster energy drink and turned their daily into a can of it.
    -a ruined renault 25, takes a lot of effort to ruin one..
    -Brubaker Box which is TOTALLY awesome
    -fiat punto (that would be rather kool without the tv hatch)

    i think you got them on my posts on ugly as hell fest on LIL 🙂

    • @Nick you are correct that is where I got them.

      @composite worx got more pics? I’ve got no issue giving you both something on the account of my mistake

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