Black Anvil Garage: #WIDEWAGN

Photo Credit: Mat's Photography, TrizZz | Photography, @themyre ,


There’s at least three fairly unique Subaru wagon builds gaining notoriety on-line currently and it’s pretty rad that one of them is not only from Canada, but here in Ontario as well.

I first saw Black Anvil Garage’s ‘WIDEWAGN’ at Fitted Toronto earlier this year when it was a combination of Rally Blue and Black.

It had a nice raw appeal in that colour scheme and I didn’t know the owner had any intentions of painting it until it popped up on instagram looking fresh to death.







Expect this car to get a lot more coverage as more people become aware of it. I know I’d love to shoot it….

Follow the owner on IG at: @black_anvil_garage


  1. Everything about this is perfect, I’m typically more of a 1st Gen impreza fan or prefer the 3rd facelift GD but this makes me want to sell my GF wagon and pick up a bugeye. The color combo is perfect, custom flares and bumpers are sick.

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