Someone Finally Did It


As some of you may or may not know much of my formative years as a car enthusiast were spent getting intimately familiar with the Pontiac Fiero. In auto-shop we complete making one look like a Countach and made significant progress on converting a second to a Ferrari kit before I graduated.

Through that entire process one thing that stuck with me is that Fieros don’t like to get really low for a variety of reasons, with awkwardly placed cooling tubes being high on the list.

Never the less I’ve still wanted to see a low clean example and Josh Mawdesley aka @slammedfiero87 has delivered.


Josh actually owns three Fieros (and a Pontiac GTP) which makes him the perfect person to get the job done.


On 1320video’s instagram, where I first saw the car, a surprising number of people asked what it was or assumed it was an import. As someone who saw a lot of them growing up it seems bizarre to think that people might not know anything about Pontiac’s quirky mid engine car but perhaps that’s just the old curmudgeon on me talking.


Regardless Josh has put a fine-looking example and I’m curious to see what he does with the other two, hopefully his progress doesn’t get lost among Instagram algorithms and I can post some more here.


  1. It looks so good slammed, curious about what modifications to the chassis and engine were made to get a fiero this low.

  2. Love IT!! Funny, cus when I see Fieros this is all I see – especially when I see Later model GTs. I’ve just never been brave enough to attempt to bring it to reality.

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