Theme Tuesdays: Mazda Cosmos


Theme Tuesdays are getting difficult, I’m not complaining don’t get me wrong, but finding new vehicle to post after seven years is a bit of a challenge. Especially since of late I like to keep things a little a-typical to keep things fresh.

For today’s selection I’ve settled on the Mazda Eunos Cosmo, a car that before this year I had never seen in person.

For those not familar the Cosmo is a grand tourer Mazda produced from ’67 to 95. It was a rotary powered car that was known for its luxury and technological features more than blazing speed.

A Japanese market vehicle these cars are rare birds in North America but more than deserving of a Theme Tuesday.

Note: apologies for the small sizes and lack of credit for many of these photos, several came from long since abandoned forums/forum threads.

I’m fairly confident that this is a model of a first gen Cosmo, but it is an amazing “what if?” build
This is a second generation model very tastefully modified in Japan – via Japanese Nostalgic Car
This Bosokou styled one also comes from Japanese Nostalgic Car
This a third generation Cosmo that (81-89) and the angular lines and flip-up headlights are perfect styling cues from that era – Via Rad Racer Blog
It’s always interesting how different a car looks with its ‘eyes open’ – Via Wheel Warriors
The fourth generation models, available with a 13 or 20b are the ones I am most familiar with
It looks like there were a variety of interesting kits available for the car in its heyday
The rear tuck on this car makes me think of dtm racers
I’d gladly run those LMs
Like any rotary, people have stuck turbos on them. This photo (via SE photography) looks to be from Australia and we all know they love their rotaries in Australia
As far as I’m aware this is the only Cosmo in the Gta and perhaps even all of Canada
Miraculously everything works as it should
*Obvious Seinfeld reference goes here*

The 929 and the Cosmo are pretty closely related so perhaps I should look at the 929 for a Theme Tuesday in the not so distant future?


  1. Love to see some 929s, maybe include it’s successor: the Xedos 9 and it’s smaller brother the Xedos 6. That is if you can find them modified, those models were rare even when new.

      • Xedos was Mazda’s luxury brand in the 90s, at least in Europe but I think it never was really successful.

        My coworker at the time had a 94 xedos 6, all I remember was that it had a V6 and leather interior.

        I’m assuming it uses the 626 / mazda 6 platform

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