Event Coverage: SEMA 2014 – Groundhogs and Alley Cats


The SEMA train is slowly coming to a halt, with today being the last SEMA post that is not centred around one vehicle. Traffic and feedback around the coverage has been phenomenal so far (thanks) so letting it come to an end, and transitioning into the winter content struggle is a little sad, but alas I am mostly at the end of my once bottomless pit of photos.

Of course no Stance Is Everything SEMA coverage is complete without a look at some of the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational (OUSCI) cars so that is where things will get started today before going back to the general show coverage.

Street Car Alley

This year the OUSCI cars at SEMA were housed in a completely new area of the show that I would have missed had I not stumbled upon it Tuesday night while crossing the parking lot trying to catch the bus.

Fighting the urge to reschedule dinner plans around my shooting the cars right then and there, I came back the next day to take a better look at the impressive functional builds, I didn’t get them all but I got a good selection.

Since the event has now come and gone I am able to attach results with each car so you can see how they did as well as how they look.

Randy Johnson’s LS7 powered 1970 Camaro was an exhibition car this year so it didn’t compete but it does look amazing
Zeke Peterson’s 1000hp ‘GTIRS’ was also an exhibition car
I think I over heard that he bought this one complete, and was building another
I certainly did not expect to see a Ford Pinto entry, Joe Escobar drove his unlikely vehicle to 79th out of 92 competitors
This 1980 Ford Fairmont was very, very cool. I believe these are based on the Fox chassis which leads me to believe it’s basically a Mustang underneath. Driver Martin Pond finished 74th
Dan Ballarad tied with Joe for 74th spot in his ’72 Nova
Kyle Tucker’s Camaro rolls on 10″ wide wheels all round, has an LS under hood, and finished 70th
Judging by the Z06 badge I’d say Jane Thrumonds ’64 Stingray is just a bit faster than it was in ’64. She finished 47th
Robert Jacksons’ ‘Swedish Ops’ Amazon is not so Swedish powered…
that’s an LS you are looking at and it propelled him to 56th
Chris Smith returned with his awesome C10
The 434 small block helped Chris finish 31st
It’s cool to see more import drivers entering the OUSCI, the Evo driven by Todd Earsley finished 7th over all while the Integra finished in the 28th spot
I can’t seem to figure out what the wild looking Vette in this picture finished so if anyone knows, let me know in the comments
Dan Livezy drove his beautiful, heavily modified, widebody, ’64 Vette into the 26th spot

Sadly I don’t have pictures of 26th through to 1, but I do know that Brian Hobaugh won, who I’m sure you all know drives this:

Around the show in 80 steps

As I knew my last day at the show was coming to a close I really tried to hustle my way around to see as much as I could, of course the second I got on the bus I realized how many things I had missed. It sucks but that is SEMA after all, where seeing it all is impossible.

This Accord tucked Avant Garde wheels so well that these 20x11s almost look small
Job Design keeping it real with a rivet free body kit
Maxxis had a race ready M3 in their booth that sat great on Rays wheels
Falken Tires had a a more street going M3 in their booth
The Cement Grey HRE R101 wheels are a great match to the blue, and the teal accents are a great match to both
Not a huge fan of the wheels on this car (though the finish is interesting) but I love the rest of it
Bisimoto sure does love his big Turbonetics Turbos
Honda Groms remind me of my YSR80 obsession, which is bad
American OG VIP never looked better
This was pretty cool. I think it was under the hood of a C10 but I can’t quite remember
Really dig this Lexus, nice influence of the more traditional and sporty VIP styles
BC Racing had the Chelsea DeNofa Motorsports e46 in their booth
They also had this NSX on one of their external reservoir BC set ups
Hot Rod coverage this year has been a little light but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t spare a bit of camera space towards one or two..
Kugel Komponents nailed it with this deuce coupe
Max Grundy did a lot of (all?) the artwork for this year’s SEMA show and brought his outstanding Pontiac wagon to the show as well

One more SEMA Showstopper post to come, hopefully that will be up Saturday then we say goodbye to the SEMA show until 2015.

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