Theme Tuesdays: Hubs And Whites


There is literally an endless supply of wheels you can buy today, but sometimes you just can’t beat the classic steel wheel, hub cap/lug cover, and white wall combination. Be it OEM caps, discs, or baby moons this look has been employed for years and is essentially timeless.

The look obviously works well on sleds, hot rods, and classics, but a few people have managed to pull it off with newer vehicles as well.

Start things off with a legitimate 59-63 era photo of an original rocking whites and discs
I love this photo, I wish I remember who shot it as I would love to check out more of their work
Damn near every vehicle in this photo is rocking hubs and whites
Cool looking caps in this very unique Rod which (if I am not mistaken) uses a Peterbilt cab
One of my all time favorite photos, love the bike hanging from the rafters in addition to the obvious
This is perfect really
I’ve always found this photo interesting with the light up interior
I need to get into something like this real bad..
This truck appears to have double staggered hubs and whites which is pretty cool
Fairly well-known photo by Phil Gordon of
So perhaps there are no caps and just trim rings here but I had to include this truck built by Hale’s Speedshop
This now has wires but the stock wheels looked good too
Gotta love a grounded land yacht
Slam’d Mag has been doing a bunch of awesome features lately and this one seemed relevant
Little representation out in Calgary from Battle At The Bridge
I love the fact that on this car it looks like either the front or back glass could be the windshield
Kind of want a Caddy now…
Though a Lincoln would work too…
This is a photo shop, but it works out pretty well surprisingly
This truck has since been sold, which is a bit of a shame as it was pretty slick
The only thin whites in this post happen to be on a very unexpected platform
Bagged Benzs have really become popular the past few years
The do seem to make pretty awesome cruisers
Love how well the MB hubs fit on this with the white walls, great look
Had to include these two Beetles doing the hub and white thing flawlessly
Close things out with a very classy looking Volvo Amazon

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