Ten Trends Of 2014


Like any hobby car enthusiasm isn’t immune to trends (good or bad), and in 2014 there were a few that really stood out in my travels across Ontario, Quebec, and the USA.

There’s a good chance I missed one or two so feel free to contribute your own in the comments!



What can really be said about this trend that hasn’t been said already? Executed both poorly and exceptionally in 2014 flares are something we are going to continue to see a lot of for years to come.

With no intentions of wailing on this dead horse any further, I’ll let you decided if this is a good or bad thing.

Tire paint and Tire Stickers

Often seen housed inside fender flares, tire paint really took off in 2014 (especially with street cars) to the point where several companies are now selling stencils that allow you to spray their brand on your tires, or simpler still sticker kits that take the guess-work out of it.

While not for every tire (there’s no reason to advertise Triangle brand) this look really suits those running ample rubber.

Quick Release Bumpers

Quick release bumpers were the tow hook of 2014, spotted on a lot of show/street cars but few track cars.

The elastic ones can be a bit of an eye sore, but the dzus ones that started to become more common at the end of the season are much more visually appealing solution to a problem I didn’t know so many people needed solved.

Big Wings

Completing the race car inspired group of modifications is the big wing, an emerging (and suggested) trend in 2013 well endowed wings started to show up in places you really wouldn’t expect them to in 2014.

Blast Pipes

Another that could have made the 2013 list, but really took off in 2014, was the ‘blast pipe’ style exhaust.

Upturned, shin bangers, or short and sweet, welders and tube benders got creative in 2014.

Niche multi-piece Wheel Brands

Three years ago when it came to new (ie founded within the last five years) mutli-piece wheel brands Rotiform was pretty well the only one releasing wheels with widespread appeal. Now there’s almost a limitless number of new manufacturers to choose from.

Brada, MtehcnicaK3 Projekt and Dampfhammer are just a few of the brands that have reaped the rewards of people thinking outside of the Work, BBS, SSR and CCW bubble in 2014.

Vossen Wheels

The Vossen Marketing machine kept churning in 2014, further establishing Vossen as the go to brand for those looking for affordable, large diameter, single piece, cast wheels.

Known for their eye-popping visual media Vossen switched things up slightly in 2014 by offering a limited edition, small run, wheel known as the VLE-1 to their catalog.

Magazine Closures

Photo: Jalopnik
Photo: Jalopnik

Budget cut backs by large publishing houses forced the closure of several long-standing automotive magazines in 2014.

While it could be argued that blogs like this one are what have contributed to the decline of print, I still feel the physical medium is of great value and I hope that those magazines that weathered the storm have figured out how to keep the doors open long-term.

Dapper Stickers

When it comes to Dapper brand I’ve heard everything from it’s a car club full of genuine enthusiasts focused on quality, to it’s a bunch of spoiled rich kids who get a rise of being exclusive.

While the authentic stickers may have to be earned, your local vinyl cutter can probably cut you one on the low making Dapper the Illest of 2014.

Big Talk, Small Game


Many of those who talked about killing the game in 2014 really didn’t do much of anything memorable, while the ones who didn’t talk about what they were doing and just went out and did it actually delivered something new and innovative.

My advice to the blowhards; stow your ego, remain humble, and have fun building your car for you.


  1. big wings are nothing new or cool they r still ridiculous and lend nothing to cars they r put on and look horrible unless you r going 150mph+ all day they are worthless sorry one trend i wish wouldnt have came back i guess i remember the 90s to well haha.

    90s starter kit 17×6.5 konigs +43 offset check, worst body kit you can find, cut springs add fake spoiler and there you have it 90s style.

    and ive been rocking a blast pipe on my civic since 2012 haha and the car game was dead before the haters blame it on the flippers(that r in for the fast buck) and rich kids/wannadrifters(who pay anything and dont negotiate past the asking price).

    who in there right mind thinks a stock 240sx is worth 4200 dollars really or a bone stock cressida for 2500 thats rusted out every thing. one trend you forgot was the toyota 86 trend haha theyre every where haha

  2. @haha I broke your comment up so I could read it a little easier.

    I guess I should have said big GT style wings. The 90s were those weird whale tail deals and Supra wings that looked silly on most things.

    Konig’s may have been slightly before my time, I became ‘aware’ in and around Momos and Motegi’s.

    I forget where your from but 86s here are all sorta rusted to poop but you’re right Cressida prices have skyrocketed. I knew a guy with one as a winter beater in 2002 or so and he paid next to nothing.

  3. im in ohio i meant to say scion frs/subaru brz trend its basically the car to have nowadays haha sorry for the confusion all of our ae86s r either rusted wrecked or horded haha konigs arnet i just remember every car had them(my neighbors where ricers haha so many burnouts in front of my house in a b swapped crx) i never knew anything else existed haha much wiser now i guess

  4. I have been a car enthusiast & builder for years now. at nearly 30 years of age I’ve owned close to 20 vehicles. mostly 2 or 3 at a time as one would be the main project, to the weekend warrior & the daily. and as the years passed & new ideas spurred those vehicles would go into rotation of sorts. and in the last few years I’ve noticed 3 piece wheels & swore either I had been sleeping the last decade or they were a new creation & thank you for clearing that up. i don’t understand why anyone wants a “wing” on their ride when 99% of people claim they’re going for a “clean” look for their ride. however as annoying as they make look I am, in fact a fan of the quick release bumper. especially for having wished they were around in the early 2000’s when I cut one too many coils off my Mazda 626 & was constantly buying new bumpers. i was always under the impression “dapper” was a crew until I realized from state to state id see the vinyls cut in different sizes, fonts & even placed other then the notoriously known lower window location. now I love stickers, I’ve sticker bombed every tool box & wooden dresser my whole life until about 2 years ago I started putting them on my ride, as were friends. sort of a competition on who could make it look the neatest without looking garbage. but looking back I’m starting to realize why everyone wants to rep the singular Dapper sticker, it’s obviously cleaner looking. but too each his own I suppose. good article. only thing I can think of that you didn’t spot light would have been stretched tires for 2014. that was almost unheard of until the last 2 year’s.

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