WTF Friday: Is This North America’s Kawashima Celica?

Photo Credit: Brendon Shultz


When it comes to building cars Kevin Ehm (@framebanggang) doesn’t just go against the grain, he flips the entire table on its side, cuts it up, and re assembles it in a way he thinks a table should look.

His Mazda 3 has changed significantly the last few years; stock body lots of camber, flared with stretch, flared with meaty fitment, two door olive drab and now platform no man’s land.


Despite stating numerous times that this isn’t how he intends to leave the car, people have already begun worshiping the ground he walks on yelling ‘Game changer!’, or throwing their arms in the air screaming ‘Too much!’

For those of us who’ve been looking at low cars for far too long this all seems a little familiar. Remember the Kawashima Celica when the owner/builder started its most recent incarnation?



The stretch trick –1″ larger step lip on the outside, and the tire mounted to the step giving the visual illusion of insane stretch– and unfinished body work provoked knee jerk reactions from damn near everyone (self included) because put bluntly it didn’t look very good.

However when the final version came to light a lot of people (again self included) said ‘ah, so that’s where he was going’, and I predict the same for this car.


Is it something I would do to my car, or something I want to see a lot of? Nope not hardly.

Am I willing to keep watching and see where it goes? You bet.


  1. I appreciate you using my photos for an article, but I would appreciate it more if you can give credit when due.
    (No hard feelings. Just nice to see credit to where it should be)

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