Theme Tuesdays: Dat Ass – Pt. 4


March might be Theme Tuesday greatest hits month as I’m bringing back the ‘dat assTheme Tuesday for another go round, thanks to a throwback track I heard on my way home from work.

The last post was three years ago so I guess it is time.

This is a stellar capture by JAG imaging
Keeping the Drag theme going here’s a capture from the 2013 CSCS finale…
…and another from Street Classics in 2014
Anyone have more info on this? Really curious what the side profile looks like
When I posted this on Facebook a few people suggested the motor would have a real tough time spinning those Good Years
Albertan’s sure do have some creativity when it comes to their builds
20x15s in the back of a 67 C10
20x15s in the back of a ’67 C10
While not a full ass shot I couldn’t leave out this c10 from SEMA
Or this for that matter…
FD gone wide via USDMFREAX
Long lost cousins reunited by a love of minimal ground clearance
I hope a LW Challenger makes its way to Toronto someday, otherwise I have to make my way to Cali or Japan to see one
Car Porn Racing providing a little car porn


Same event, two very different vehicles!

In my latest office clean up I seem to have cleansed my list of future Theme Tuesday ideas so throw some at me in the comments.


  1. you should have done a “dat turbo” theme like the turbo in the in the drag car you posted yesterday or whenever hahaha that rat rod with the off road tires is tight

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