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Theme Tuesdays: Dat Ass – Pt. 4

March might be Theme Tuesday greatest hits month as I'm bringing back the 'dat ass' Theme Tuesday for another go round, thanks to a...

Theme Tuesdays: Dat Ass – Fitted Edition

This Tuesday I've opted to bring back the ever popular 'Dat Ass' theme but fill it with only cars that were at Sundays 'Fitted' event put on by Stretch & Poke. Gathering this Theme Tuesday took second priority to capturing as much of the event as possible so I might have missed a few significant rear ends but there is still a good amount of variety and the last picture is sure to draw some controversy.

Theme Tuesdays: Dat Ass Part 3

On Sunday I saw something that made me think I should do another 'Dat Ass' Theme Tuesday post and, foolishly, I didn't save it in the hopes I would remember it when the time came to put the post together. No such luck.

Theme Tuesdays: Dat Ass Part 2

If you Google 'Dat Ass Car, Dat Ass Stance, Stance Dat Ass' and so forth the first result you get is my last Theme Tuesday. While that's pretty awesome it made finding cars for the follow up a little harder than usual as I just kept ending up back here. But whats life without it's challenges right? A little changes in what I searched for and I was able to put together Dat Ass Part 2. Enjoy.

Theme Tuesdays: Dat Ass

I swear I did a Theme Tuesday like this before but it turns out I only posted a small collection of car derrieres. It's kind of funny that not even two years in I am already losing track of what I've posted, anyway my poor memory aside today's Theme is the ass end of cars. I tried my best to get only direct back shots but I made a few exceptions in cases I deemed appropriate, hopefully you do as well.

Theme Tuesday: LS Fabrication Firewall Fillers

If you've read the most recent Project Why Wait  update then you probably caught the not so subtle hint that the truck will see...

Theme Tuesdays: Stylin’ And Profilin’ – Feature Edition

Is there an angle that defines a car's stance more than a profile shot? I'd think not, a bunk profile can make or break the look of any car.

Theme Tuesdays: Motors Of Motorama 2020

Rewinding the clock to Toronto's Motorama 2020 and a gallery of some of the finest motors featured at the annual Toronto show.

Theme Tuesdays: First Gen Eclipse/Talons/Lasers

Before The Fast and The Furious immortalized the second generation Mitsubishi Eclipse, first gens were running around three different names. Eclipse, Talon, laser, these were all...

Theme Tuesdays: Ford Taurus

I'm going to be completely honest, I never thought I'd sit down and put together a Ford Taurus Theme Tuesday. Outside of SHO models...