Theme Tuesdays: Street Car Livery


A couple weeks ago Gill from The Scraped Crusaders posted a rendering on Facebook and captioned it “I hope full liveries become a thing in Toronto”.

That comment instantly got the gears going in my head to dedicate a Theme Tuesday to street plated cars that have either slight, or full blown, race car livery.

While I’m not going to predict liveries as a trend for 2015, I wouldn’t be surprised if more than a few cars roll out this year with detailed race motifs.

I’ve always been a fan of this FB, I don’t see it near enough
Magnus Walker’s 277 is a perfect example of a heavily driven, livery covered, street car
The Speedhunters Scion Tuner Challenge car simply screams Trans Am racer at every angle
Rounding out the SEMA picks is this Tic Tac E36
This is a bit of a cheat because this is a competing time attack car
But it is also plated which means it can be included here


It’s actually pretty cool to see the art car vibe carried into today


This car has sadly been wrecked since, but was one of the first cars I saw with some livery on-line, this was inspired by a Dodge truck if I’m not mistaken
Kanjo racers might be a bit of an opposite cheat as I’m not sure they are technically street legal…
Seems like everyone wants a set of Redbull set of wings
Rendering to reality with Riverside and Big Brown Industries Ltd the owner is @gxofauckland on ig
Cleary livery is nothing new to the Riverside folks
Bridgestone livery sweeping the streets of Japan
SSR and Tamiya connect
Closing the post out is this combo breaker, a Nascar Inspired Ford Falcon in Japan. This car doesn’t look quite like this any more but is still quite awesome




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