Ultra Box 2002


The first time I spotted this car it was via cell phone photos embedded in a comment thread over on SpeedHunters. Instantly spawning a sub conversation of its own myself and many others were hungry to see more.

Not wanting to do this car the disservice of a two photo post I waited until a few photos of the interior and motor popped up before posting it here.

ultrabox-2002-1 ultrabox-2002-2

Patience turned out to be the key because Focus Geek and Yama-Channel spent a significant amount of time shooting this car at Osaka Auto Messe, and as expected it’s a through build from bumper to bumper.



Weber Carbs have found their way into the refurbished engine room
Hayashi Racing Type CR wheels have found themselves under the large flares and the gold instead of black accents work really well with the British racing shade of green paint
The exhaust and wing are two very unique features of this build
Certainly not everyone’s style but it is clearly exactly what the builder wanted


As is usually the case with Japanese builds, the fab work is on point
The interior might be this cars crown jewel however


From the dash to the seats it is very tastefully done and isn’t modern in the sense that it ruins the cars vintage vibe

If you want to see more photos of this car they can be found on Focus Photography, Yama-channel , and the Ultra Box website and Facebook page.


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