WTF Friday: What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen


I get that drift missiles are a bit of a ‘thing’ right now (to the chagrin of many) but I think even the most carefree of missile pilots would see this car as a little ridiculous.

Aside from the turbo LS swap, which is in god knows what shape, very little on this car appears to be salvageable or mechanically sound.

Alignments make sense. Everyone should get one, but that is where logical sense ends in this collection of photos


Turbo LS: good! Execution: haphazard. The sliced rad support and generous use of zip ties does not really instill confidence in the final product.
Curious choice of wire routing is curious
If you start from the front and work your way back things get progressively more puzzling. I imagine there is quite the story about the rocker panel
After all that fiberglass work… it still doesn’t tuck rim?

I know I usually say LS in everything but perhaps not in this thing

Spotted in the ‘You’re Doing It Wrong‘ Zilvia thread which totally justifies the ever-increasing price of clean S chassis.


  1. that is extremley gnarly in every sense of the word. the definition of 0 fucks given. bad execution that fibre glass fender is horrible isnt the point to show your scars and pretty much everything else is awful except the ls turbo minus assembly and general safety but its a missle and that counts for something i guess.. . hahaha what is the piece of metal? engine mount,bracing,fixing rusted frame i dont know confused…

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