WTF Friday: A Donk That Goes


Donks don’t get posted here much at all. Not that I have anything against them per say, but they are not a genre of car modification that is extremely popular in the Toronto area, nor are they a genre that trends towards subtle. Most donks are loud (literally and figuratively), boisterous and over the top.

However every once and awhile I come across a donk I can’t resist sharing. It happened with the 1JZ swapped Caprice posted in 2013 and again with today’s ‘z06 Donk’.


As the name implies the z06 donk (which is a ’72 Caprice) borrows a few things from the Corvette catalog. The dash, and door panels come from a Corvette as does the six speed T56 transmission.


That transmission sits behind an LS2 motor that has been treated to an LS6 intake manifold and an 80mm turbo. The estimated output is now north of 1000hp before the shot of nitrous that has been recently added.


Z06 brakes (thankfully) sit behind the 28″ wheels so this car has somewhat of a chance in hell of stopping.


Based on 1:11 of the video below it looks like the chassis is otherwise stock, and having a few coping issues with the new power.

However rigidity issues aside it does to go quite well based on the video below.

It’s also got a parachute now because race car I guess.

More video and info on the donk can be seen in the video below.

Even more can be found on bat96chevy’s youtube account.

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