Winter Wednesday: Ease Into It


At three-quarters of the way through November without significant snow fall this might be the latest Winter Wednesdays have started here on the site.

Apparently we have El Niño to thank for that, and since I’ve yet to put on my winter wheels (this weekend I swear) thank a mass of warm air I will.

However a few places on the outskirts of the GTA did get some snow this week, so to kick off the 2015/2016 Winter season here is quick photo set taken by Markis Sarkis (MAAD Photography Toronto) of a Red bagged G35 coupe on color coded Weds LXZ wheels.


A member of the Next Level team I’ve seen this car at a few shows both –both when it was black and its current red– and it is just as clean as it looks in pictures.


If Winter Wednesdays are new to you the concept is pretty simple. Any week where there is significant snow accumulation a car in the snow will be posted here on Stance Is Everything.

You can submit your photos via [email protected].


  1. I’m always impressed by people who take their nice cars out in lousy weather. It’s also about the time of year I start to think maybe moving to SoCal isn’t such a bad idea, and we don’t get that much snow and ice in KS.

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