Event Coverage: 519 Meets – 6/21/2015

Photography By: Gray Schilling - stillsteezy.com


Meets here in Toronto (and the surrounding area) have been in a bit of a troubled state lately. Increasingly immature behaviour has led to local police departments breaking up any sort of gathering in short order.

Not discouraged by recent events 519 Meets has committed to organizing several respectful, well run, casual meets free of debauchery and chaos.

As the name suggests their first meet of 2015 was held in Kitchener last Sunday, and I’m told that in total over 500 cars were in attendance with tomfoolery kept at a minimum.

Gray Schilling of Still Steezy was there to snap a few photos, and once again has kindly contributed them to the site.

519 meet -1119
Kick things off with this awesome GS400

519 meet -1126

519 meet -0860
Another GS rocking BMW wheels, sans center cap
519 meet -0857
Fender work by Righteous Garage
519 meet -1005
I seem to recall in a post a few years ago that spotting this MR-2 in the wild is quite rare
519 meet -0891
Nice to see the odd classic at this meet, doesn’t hurt it is a very nice Cuda either
519 meet -1101
Flip up headlights > Fixed forever and always

519 meet -1008

519 meet -1068

519 meet -1087
If I’m not mistaken this NSX is sitting on Advan AVS Model 5 wheels, which suit it quite welll
519 meet -1054
Love the wheel choice on this Golf

519 meet -1052

519 meet -0976

519 meet -1023
Sometimes you just have to keep things simple and tuck a lot of damn wheel
519 meet -0852
Nice Rallye front on this car
519 meet -1115
I think these might be ARE wheels as well


519 meet -1032
MK3 vr6t on TH lines

519 meet -0969

519 meet -0995
Great timeless (or period correct depending on who you ask) look to this car
519 meet -0926
Another classic look, BBS RS wheels on a golf
519 meet -1108
A bit of a departure from your standard modifeid VW look, Phat Fux 4 spokes and the tigershark motif

519 meet -0946

519 meet -1118
The trunk straps are a different touch too
519 meet -0899
519 meet -0895
#rpf1allthethings as well
519 meet -0949
3SDMs and Corvette Anniversary wheels on this pair

519 meet -0954

519 meet -1047

519 meet -0888

519 meet -0903
If tire sizing is any indication one might assume this Supra is quick…

519 meet -0912

519 meet -0915

519 meet -0918

519 meet -0923
I’m curious if you can still get ticketed for no front plate visible if your plate is located on your roof rack?
519 meet -0927
The toys just get more expensive as we age

519 meet -0937

519 meet -1067

519 meet -1019
To paraphrase Jalopnik; the answer is Miata and Work CR 01
519 meet -1131
Boomin Car Audio is a 519 meets sponsor, their S13 is quite unlike any other locally
519 meet -0864
Close things out with the only molded Rocket Bunny FR-S in the city

519 meet -0871

519 meet -0867
Remarkable how different it looks molded to the body instead of riveted

The next 519 meet takes place Sunday July 12th at the Sunrise Shopping Centre in Kitchener from 7pm to 9pm.


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