Theme Tuesdays: Nissan Maximas


I received an email from reader Christian the other day asking if I could do a Theme Tuesday post on Nissan Maximas a car which oddly enough I have yet to do.

I say oddly because my dad had a 97 model that I often used as a parts runner for my e30 so I have a lot of exposure to the car.

For the big automatic sedan that it was the car could move pretty well and its size made it pretty great for picking up anything that I might need. With such fond memories of that car it’s a shame it took me this long to dedicate a Tuesday to them.

This is a great looking fourth gen, clean, simple, and looks like it would drive very well
I do believe this is the same car at perhaps a different stage
This car was actually a local one built by So Fresh Automotive who is known for their unique builds
So Fresh Automotive Maxima
It was supercharged near the end of its run
Not sure if it ended up under new ownership or parted out
BBS RS wheels work on anything…anything
This car is fairly well-known around here….
It might be hard to tell now but this car did start as a Maxima
If I’m not mistaken these are Mustang (or Mustang style) wheels on this Maxima
Looks like many Maxima fans prefer a more aggressive tire size
I believe these were something like 10.5″ wheels all around which is impressive
While not my personal favorite generation the owner of this car has done a nice job of making this one look good
The thread I found this car in billed it as the only Maxima with a shaved and tucked bay
The wheel selection and fitment is on point as well
Bit of VIP style never hurt anyone
Air seemed quite rare in the earlier models but as you get newer a few examples exist
It’s funny how much air suits them the bigger they get as the generations become later
The only third gen to make this list if this was RWD it would be a great runner-up to a Toyota Cressida





  1. I always wanted one. The 4th gens, are the cleanest. They basically have the perfect platform, looks AND speed They probably have a decent market too!

  2. Anyone know where to get any offset wheels with stretched tires for a maxima or sizes ?? having a hard time tracking them down. as well as aftermarket intake manifolds????

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