Blown’ Up The Spot


As long as there are no objections I am going to keep posting random Durham region cars every Thursday until I run out of content, and since I usually take Ash to at least one classic cruise in a week I don’t think I’ll be running out of content any time soon.

These two blown GMs were spotted at three different events, a Saturday night Canadian Tire cruise in, a Father’s Day Show, and the Grass Roots car show.

The first is, I’m pretty sure, a 1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass.


I unfortunately have no hard info about either of these cars, but they certainly look to be very purpose-built, equipped with drag wheel and tire set ups, blown small blocks, and tube front ends.



The second car is a Pontiac Beaumont and I heard rumblings that this particular car puts down 1300 to the wheels which means it would have no problem backing up it’s vanity plate.


That plate, if you’re wondering, isn’t real but it has been on the car both times I have seen it so it’s safe to assume the owner is down to run it until it becomes a problem.


I’ve also been told this car can be regularly spotted cruising around Durham gas prices be damned.


Huge tubs allow the Billet specialties wheels to fit just right, and the front end has been brought down for the perfect rake.


I love the fact that cars liek these roam the streets and I really hope this never changes.

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