Insane Parisienne


At the same Father’s Day show I saw Fred’s Cadicallac (and the ‘Frankenmerc’ for that matter) I spotted this amazing Pontiac Parisenne. For those of you outside of North America the Parisienne was a Canadian market specific car from ’58 to ’83 then sold in both US and Canadian markets from ’83 to the end of its run in ’86.

This one specifically has been given a proper kustom treatment resulting in the drop dead gorgeous look below.


A very big car this one has all the touches of a traditional kustom with a spotlight, low ride height, lakeside pipes, lots of chrome and a wicked paint job.


I am usually not a continental kit fan but the fins and length of this car in general really make it work.

kustom3kustom4Watching this car roll out it will please some of you to learn its as static as they get. Really excited to see more of what the Durham region has to offer for classics, so far so good.

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