Ontario’s Best Kept Secret: The ELTA Summer Bash

Photography By: Drake Nolte


Last year I discovered a true gem with the E.L.T.A. Summer Bash. An event that’s been around for years, but promoted almost exclusively by word of mouth, I felt very privileged to get a personal invite from one of the attendees.

Unquestionably one of the most authentic automotive events in Ontario, and perhaps all of Canada, the three hundred and sixty-five days I had to wait until the next bash seemed like an excruciatingly long time.

Then, unfortunately, I found out that I had a wedding the same day which meant I had to wait another 365 to personally attend the bash.

IMG_0931IMG_0955As you can expect I was fairly disappointed about my unlucky hand for 2016 but these things happen, and fortunately for me, and you, Drake was able to swing by the Summer Bash just before things started to wind down for the night.


The Summer Bash is an event worth attending all day, but 6:00pm and on and is when the atmosphere really comes alive.


IMG_1048In a somewhat remote area of London Ontario, not too close to the ‘burbs and people who like to complain about things like noise and loitering, the event does go into the wee hours of the night undisturbed.

IMG_0942IMG_0996Unlike a lot of other automotive gatherings there’s no need to specify rules about dos and don’ts because the “no goofs” catch-all rule – – that is strictly enforced– weeds out the riff-raff that shut down other events.


Seeing the various hot rods, classics, and customs lining the street really takes you back to a time when things like this happened every weekend.


Well, takes you back if you were around then. For the younger generation like myself it is a look back in time to an era that can’t really be replicated, but still lives on among the young at heart,  most of whom wear shirts with E.L.T.A. spelled out on the back.


Even though most of the cars in attendance represent a specific era of modification the best part of the event, to me at least, is that everyone is welcome, and as many people as possible are personally greeted and thanked for their attendance, something I have never seen at any other free event.


Looking at Drake’s photos it’s obvious the core of the vehicles were a mix of period correct builds and true survivors.


IMG_0958The was also a bit of a light show at this years event, and Drake managed to catch the flames perfectly.


Flame thrower kits are a bit of a novelty for sure, but a novelty every enthusiast loves.


Being such a renowned event the bash is known to bring out some cars pretty elusive cars, the type you don’t see at most other events in Ontario.


IMG_0950Like the car above for example, I’m not even sure what exactly it is, but I can tell it is far from stock and exactly what the owner wanted.


I could, continue at length about just how great this event is,  but instead I’ll let Drake’s pictures have the final word and continue counting down the days until the next one.


Just about 350 or so days to go…


  1. Great coverage of a fun weekend down at the ELTA Summer Bash….thanks for the great pictures and kind words.

    Cheers, Mark Rogerson, “the Pres”, East London Timing Assoc. Disciples of Speed

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