Theme Tuesdays: Cube Vans, Delivery Trucks, and Ice Cream Trucks


I was on vacation last week, and actually ended up pretty busy, which meant that this site was in turn quite stagnant. Because of this I knew I had to come back with a Theme Tuesday of previously uncharted territory, rather than the continuation of a previous, or a recently viewed.

Cube Vans, Delivery Trucks, Ice Cream trucks and the like immediately jumped into my head, probably because I am waiting on parts for Project Why Wait. I decided to roll with the idea because a) it’s one I have not done before and b) there are some damn fine examples of these modified out in the wild, a couple of which I have had the pleasure of seeing myself.

So, without further adieu, here we go!

Lets start off by back to 2003, this truck was originally built then and showed up at SEMA in 2011
I believe that this truck was built around the same time though I couldn’t find any proof
I did however find a photo of it I had previously never seen before
I did however find a photo of it I had previously never seen before
I’m quite sure this one is going on 10+ years in age as well…
This particular work van just seems ridiculously long! 
According to this post on it is part work van part RV
Despite the name on the side this previously California-based truck is now in Japan – Via The Chronicles
Mister Cartoon’s Lowrider truck is easily the best painted ice cream truck ever

Someone even went as far as to make it into a model
Sema is practically the home of creations like this, too bad many are never to be seen again
Mobsteel brought this wicked Fedex truck in 2013
It was an Accuair sponsored build and more info on it is here
This mail truck got a lot of love at SEMA in 2014
Keeping the original delivery tag was a great touch
This lonesome truck was at the Reunited show in 2014
MF Autos Gruman from h2o 2013
MF Autos Gruman from h2Oi in 2013
And this Milk truck I’ve seen at quite a few local events
It’s a party truck as denoted by the pole in the back
Brett Sloan’s main tumblr seems to have vanished which is a bit of a shame, he had an eye for awesome vehicles and is a great photographer, this bread truck is wicked
Going to wrap this one up with Dan Maxwell’s (@lcc_automotive) bagged Uhaul
It’s actually for sale now if you want to inquire via instagram


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