Theme Tuesdays: MkI/MKII Volkswagen Scirocco


When it comes to Volkswagens Beetles, Busses, Jettas, and Golfs, basically hog all the glory leaving the other models to fight among themselves for their recognition.

One model that doesn’t ever seem to get it’s fair shake is the Volkswagen Scirocco. I mean yes, the marquee was brought back in 2008 which means Volkswagen corporate does respect the name plate to some degree, but, but as cool as the third gens are they share the same down falls of all comeback cars. That is, much larger proportions than the original and laden with technology.

The MKI and MKII’s are the OGS and despite not being a bad looking car I really don’t see too many of them at shows or track events. Corrados had a shorter run than the Scirocco and though still rare they are significantly more common.

‘Rocco’s were overdue for a Theme Tuesday and today I’ll do my best to give them a fair shake.

This Scirocco, that I spotted earlier this year, is one of few I see semi regularily
The car is clean throughout and the modifications have been done with restraint
This one comes via WoertherseePics I can’t quite tell if it’s got a Boser type hood or its just the angle of the photo
It is my understanding that the ‘TV’ headlights are rare and desirable
They really make quite a visual difference, the first time I saw a set I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking at
I do believe this is the same car,albeit at a later stage, but I can’t be certain
Great looking engine bay in it too
I’ve had this photo saved for so long that I really don’t remember where it came from. I absolutely love the color combination
I wish I had more photos of this one kicking around but alas
The green, 3m scotch tape like, interior is love hate but I’m on the love side
I’m not huge on ‘Zero lip’ wheels but they do seem to work pretty well here – Photo: Rick Bruinsma
Old photo, retro styled? Could go either way but the image size suggests old photo – Photo: Chris Tweddle
One of the coolest things about Sciroccos is the variety of wide body kits that were available for them ‘back in the day’
Ladislav Nagay managed to catch two widened Sciroccos in the same place – Photo: Ladislav Nagay
It actually seems like Ladislav is part of, or has connections to, a Scirocco club – Photo: Ladislav Nagay
I quite like this one a lot. Be sure to check out all his work on flickr
Photo: Ladislav Nagay
This local Zender kitted Scirocco is a pretty fild car

An Eaton M90 gives a bump in power under hood
Them hips don’t lie…
There’s a thread on SStance Works dedicated to this car, the photography and car look great – Source:
Spotted at the same Vagkraft this Scirocco is purpose built

Purpose built cars seem to be a great way to end this post so I’ll close it with this and videos of two more – Photo: Roccobozo


  1. That green scirocco is owned by a St. Catharines native by the name of Mikey Klammer. I’m sure he’s got instagram with plenty of photos.

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