Theme Tuesdays: Detroit Steel Wheels


Detroit Steel Wheels have become staples in the aftermarket automotive industry. The cause for this is two-fold. First, the guys at Mobsteel have a relentless work ethic, promoting and manufacturing them tirelessly. And second, large steel wheels just look great on a wide variety of vehicles.

Trucks, Hot Rods, Cars, Rat Rods, European cars you name it. 18″ and bigger steel wheels are in.

The Smoothie

The ‘Smoothie’ remains the most commonly seen Mobsteel wheel. With no holes on its face it looks the simplest but has the widest appeal.

This Bel Air is the first car I remember seeing on Detroit Steel Wheels
Cruise height wasn’t much higher than park height
I believe this original paint car is known as the Detroit King or something along those lines, it’s sitting on smoothie wheels with bullet caps
Matching the portholes to the wheel centers is perfect here
With oem style caps used the look of the smoothie wheel is further transformed, blending old and new
Bullet Caps and Mobsteels look great under John’s Mercury M1
@unminitrucker a few years ago at Vanfest, love the retro paint on this truck
The Taylor’d Custom “Dirty D” Dodge sits on 20″ black Detroit Steel wheels
These wheels have the push through bullets installed

Mike Livia’s Task Force wears 20″ Detroit steel smoothies with dog dish caps
Not just for trucks and Hot rods @ohh_paulie_g ‘s Merc looks stunning on Mobsteels with MB caps
@cr55how on smoothies – Photo:
20x14s are on the back of this Dodge owned by @sprankle33, they look massive!

Artillery Wheels

The Artillery wheels came out in 2016 or so and, if I were to run Mobsteels, these would probably be the wheels I would run.

It’s hard to see but @pearntom Willys is indeed on Mob Steel Artillery Wheels
Again a little hard to see, but artilery wheels are tucked up under this Advanced Design truck

Delrays And Beyond

Late 2017/early 2018 Detroit Steel Wheel released revealed two new wheels at SEMA, the Del Ray, which has square slots repeating over the face of the wheel, and a second wheel that has four slots in the face.

The Del Ray on a Stoner’s Speedshop AD build, AD’s and Mobsteels go hand in hand I guess
The ‘Slameo’ tuckin’ the newest wheel from Mobsteel in 2017
A better look via the Mobsteel Instagram
And finally the new wheel with a vintage looking cap, great touch

Got a wheel I should do a Theme Tuesday on? Let me know in the comments below, and if your car matches this week’s theme tag me on Instagram (stanceiseverythingcom) or post up below.

And, no, don’t take this post as an indication I am stepping away from 15″ steels or Astros for Project Why Wait 🙂


  1. I’m not really a truck fan except for COE’s, I don’t know why but I find them to be beautiful, but that Saldana’s Speed Shop truck… It spoke to my soul! My SOUL, man!

  2. I have a 54 chevy belair choptop..I want to run your ambassador wheels in a 20 inch. Can u tell me what offset and how wide of a wheel u installed on the red belair.. I want to run a wide rim in the rear. Thank u

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