Theme Tuesdays: Non Traditional, Traditional Lowriders: Euro Edition

Photo sources: Lay It Low, Euro Lowriders


Those of you who are over 25 probably remember a time when non traditional, traditional lowriders were called “Euros”.

Now, I’m not quite old enough to know why cars like Honda Civics, Fords Escorts, Nissan Altimas, and Toyota Tercels were called Euros, but they were.

For a few years the “Euro” style was incredibly popular, almost as popular as today’s “Euro” styling.

These days og “Euro” cars are few and far between. If you look hard enough a few remain kicking around message boards and under tarps in garages.

If you don’t want to go crate digging though, this week’s Theme Tuesday brings this eclectic style to you.

Can’t do this post without leading off with a local “Euro”, this car pops up for sale every few weeks
This photo comes from Japan, its super low resolution, but awesome never the less
I actually learned to drive on one of these cars, never thought there would be a lowrider version
So you can imagine my surprise to learn there were at least two lowrider Altimas
And this one could get damn busy
I love doing these posts because I have a giant grin on my face pulling the photos together. This is likely the only time I will ever post a Beretta
Plastic low
80s Hondas work surprisingly well as lowriders, must be the flip up headlights
A little less gold, and a little more camber, and this would fit right in with the aggressive fitment crowd today
A newer Accord given similar treatment to it’s bigger brother
Japan doesn’t mess around in the least!
DA Integras were also the subject of “Euro” Style
This particular one made a BF GoodRich AD
How about this insanity? A six wheeled Honda
I really wonder where this car ended up, junk yard or storage? (now defunct) popped up several times in my search
No wires on this e36 but I couldn’t leave it out
For whatever reason there were a lot of Lowrider Escorts
The trunk set up on this car is super clean, nice flake too
Hands up if you completely forgot mid 80s Mercury Cougars
Beetles on wires are not terrible uncommon, but I couldn’t pass up this one throwin’ sparks
Not the type of articulation Jimny owners are normally after
A hopping Celica!
A bit of contemporary “euro”

If you want an almost daily dose of Euro Lowriders, and other somewhat niche modification styles, check out He and I are cut from similar cloth, in that we both like a lot of random cars.

Check out some of the gems he has posted recently:

We might have to team up on the next one!


  1. Oldschool flava. Something about all that wheel poke makes me smile. Nice to see some of the predecessors of what we call fitment/stance today. Great post.

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