WTF Friday: The World’s Biggest Body Drop?


Minitruckers have been chasing ‘more low’ ever since the first coils were cut. When frames hit the ground it wasn’t too long before rockers did.

Then, soon after rockers were planted doors hit the dirt as well. Traditional body drops gave way to stock floor body drops, and after that people went even further eyeing up the lower body line.

A lot of these more drastic body drops were featured in a 2015 WTF Friday post appropriately titled Extreme Body Drops.

The Gregers Garage fullsize Chevy featured in this post was the inspiration for that post.

Gregors Garage took a rough Chevy and went straight up to the lower body line without hesitation. Presumably this was done because everything below that point had returned to the earth.

The truck debuted at a show about this time two years ago under construction. It obviously turned a few heads and I remember seeing the truck on SpeedHunters.

Personally though I forgot the truck shortly after and definitely wasn’t expecting to see it again this clean.

Seeing the truck with fresh paint laid out on carpet really puts into perspective how damn low the thing really is.

The fact that the hood closes and the wheels don’t pop up over the the bedsides is truly impressive. Accomplishing this was no easy feat.

A factory small block would have had no hope of fitting under the hood, so it’s been replaced with a motor from an Alfa Romeo of all things.

Being fairly flat the motor allowed the hood to close fully. More importantly the hood does so without a cowl. Huge cowls or just plain motors protruding damn near over the roof is usually what kills the lines on these types of body drops.

Inside the floor, tunnel, dash, and really everything else has been completely redesigned and reconfigured to make everything work.

Notice the brake master cylder is now behind the dash because there was simply no room for it under hood.

The truck doesn’t appear to be fully complete quite yet, but it’s pretty close. Follow Gregers Garage on Facebook if you want to see this one scrape past the finish line.

Wonder what it looks like driving…


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