8.2L V12 Swapped 1969 Camaro


Saying “first” on the internet is usually a bad thing, but, this is indeed the world’s first 8.2L V12 LS 1969 Camaro. The car was built by Mike Heim of Quality Custom Rides.

Mike teamed up with Matt and Shane Corish who took the wild idea of a V12 LS motor and brought it to life. The motor is essentially two Holden V8 LS motors welded together.

However the blocks are now available for purchase utilizing a custom casting.

Quality Custom Rides held nothing back when it came to modifying this Camaro itself. There’s a ton of body mods hidden throughout. Over all it’s been channeled 3 inches, and had another 4 inches taken out of the rockers. It’s also got suicide doors which are opened via the side mirror.

Finally it tucks plenty of wheel thanks to an Accuair based air ride suspension set up.

Finished off to show quality this car has done it’s rounds, including a trip to SEMA and Toronto’s own Motorama.

The eagle eyed of you can probably already tell that yes, these motors are available for purchase from V12LS.com.

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