Nissan TB48 4.8L Swapped Small Tire Chevrolet Corvette


When I sat down and started compling swaps for Swaps Are Everything it hadn’t occured to me how many motor swapped drag cars I’d photographed.

Sure, you can argue that this car isn’t exactly a “Corvette” but, hands up if you ever expected a Nissan TB48DE to sit within the body of a Corvetted C7 drag car?

This too was spotted at Toronto’s Motorama and The Chassis Stop built this particular little red Corvette.

This straight six Nissan Patrol lifted motor under the one piece front end of this Corvette runs on alcohol and has a Precision Turbo hanging off the side of it.

The rest of the car is built to small tire specifications, which I’d love to elaborate on but The Chassis Stop Facebook page is light on details.

If anyone has more details on this car, as far as ET’s and specs go feel free to add them in the comments below!

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