Honda B Series Swapped Honda CM7 Accord


Rukus Motorsports has debuted quite a few unique vehicles at Toronto’s Motorama car show. In 2017 their front hall contribution was this Honda Accord in the front hall.

Yes, it is a Honda B series in a Honda chassis, but what makes this particular implementation unique is the position of the motor and the drive wheels.

Practically dwarfing (which is now spun sideways to aid in converting the vehicle to rear wheel drive) the motor is the extremely large Precision 88m Turbo.

Rukus has been pretty secretive about the exact numbers this car puts down but, the hashtag in the video below allude to it making at least 1000 horsepower.

And as of summer of 2018 the car ran 8.4 in the quarter mile at 30psi.

Looks and power. There might not be much “Accord” left in this car but there sure is a lot of Honda.

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